Current version is 0.601 (beta). Last update: 12/04/2001.

U-Hexen is yet another port of Hexen game of Raven Software and Id Software to Simple Directmedia Layer library (SDL). It works on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows platforms.

The latest snapshot is available here.
The latest windows version is available here
To play you also need resource file (hexen.wad) you can download it here (this is demo version distributed by Raven Software).

- Works on four platforms including Windows;
- Plays digital music via DSP device using SDL_mixer's timidity library (requires instrument patches, download here);
- Uses hardware acceleration (2D only), if it detected by SDL;
- Some new menus added for easier configuration;
- Uses FreeBSD syscons driver (if invoked from ttyvX and SDL fails to initialize graphics);
- "Turbo mouse" mode to correct mouse sensitivity on different platfotms.

It DOES NOT yet, but has plans to do:
- Support joysticks;
- Support network game (use SDL_net);
- OpenGL rendering;
- Mouse look

Known bugs:
- Dumps core on I_Error();
- Mouse sometimes does not behave properly (OpenBSD, Windows)
- Sound problems on OpenBSD (threads problems?)
- Poor sound under Win2000 (i815 chipset)

Please report bugs to my e-mail millennium-3@yandex.ru, or by ICQ to UIN#17541775.
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